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Welcome to Fractured Atlas' How We Work Site!

How We Work contains information on who we are and what we do here at Fractured Atlas. 


If you’re a new team member, congrats! We’re stoked to have you here. Although this site has information about how we work, you’ll also find information about policies in the Employee Handbook received in your welcome email and in the documents folder in Justworks. 

If you’re someone just curious about what Fractured Atlas does, welcome to you too! We wholeheartedly believe that if we share what works for us, we strengthen the entire sector.

How We Work Sections

You can move through these sections in order, from "Mission & Values" all the way to "Workplace Basics" learning along the way. If you have specific pieces of the puzzle you want to learn about, feel free to dive into whichever sections make the most sense for you. 


Interested in learning about where we got some of our How We Work inspiration?

Check out our Inspiration & Acknowledgments.


Please note that Fractured Atlas is an employment at-will organization. Nothing you read in How We Work should be considered part of an employment contract. How We Work is subject to change without notice.