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Our Hiring Process

We want to make sure that anyone applying for a job at Fractured Atlas knows what our hiring procedures look like so they can be prepared. Each position we hire for has a process tailored to the role, but these are the elements that are part of every hiring cycle.

Job Posting

We only review applications when we have an open job position. We are very intentional about how we grow, and take care to articulate what we are looking for in a position. Each job will list application requirements that might include: cover letter or questions, resume, references, and/or a writing or work sample. We do our best to be really clear about what skills we think will make people successful as opposed to focusing on a specific number of years of experience or educational requirement. 

We also try to provide as much information and tools we can to make the process easier for people. In Job Postings we also provide an email address in case people need accommodations for any part of the process or have technical issues. 


Application Review

We review applications in two cycles: First Pass and Full Review. 

  • First Pass: This first check is for completeness. We are only able to review complete applications to ensure that applicants are on the same starting point and receive the same amount of attention. We know that applying for jobs can take a lot of time, and we want to respect the time both of people who submitted full applications and the time of the hiring team.
  • Full Review: The second part of the Application Review is a full review of all complete applications. We have 2-3 people read through submissions to reduce individual biases and increase the number of perspectives. This group then decides who they want to bring to the next step. We often have many applications so this step can take anywhere from a few days to a week or more after the application deadline.

Applicants will receive a confirmation email from us once they submit their application; our Hiring Team will send out further updates only once the application period has closed. 


Asynchronous Video Interview

The first interview is an asynchronous video interview using Spark Hire. We know that people interviewing are in different time zones and have varied schedules, so the asynchronous video round allows people to record videos using a computer or smartphone at a time that is convenient for them. 

We know that an important part of the interview process for the applicant is getting to know the team, so we record intro and outro videos so you can meet the people who the position will be working with.

We usually have 2-3 people review the recorded interviews. We watch responses to all answers, compare answers to what we previously determined we’re looking for in the position, and then decide on who we want to bring to the next interview. Reviewing videos and making this decision generally takes about a week, though it may take longer depending on the specific search process.


Zoom Interview

The second interview happens over Zoom with the Hiring Manager(s) (the person(s) who will be managing the individual) and a member of the People Team. The Hiring Manager(s) joins every step of the way, and a member of the People Team ensures consistency in interviews across teams and is available to answer any questions an applicant may have about working at Fractured Atlas. We ensure that there is plenty of time at the end of the interview for applicants to ask questions.

After this second interview round concludes, the staff members involved in the interview decide who to bring to the next round. This process generally takes around a week, though it may take longer depending on the search process.


Third Interview and Project

The third interview usually includes a project related to the work that the position will be doing. This project is meant to assess skills related directly to the job. Often, the project is something that can be completed during the time of the interview. If the project will take a significant amount of the applicant's time outside of the interview, we compensate the applicant with a stipend based on the time it is estimated to complete a project. We also ensure that each applicant receives the same number of days to complete the project so that we can assess projects that are similar to each other in terms of time commitment.

In the interview, the project is usually discussed, along with any lingering questions that the hiring team or applicant has. After completing the round, the people in the interview decide who to move forward in the process. Usually the third round interview process takes around a week, though it may take longer depending on the specific search process.


Reference Checks

We contact references for the remaining candidates, and after that process we decide who to make an offer to. We reach out to the applicant to discuss the offer and timeline of potential start date.


Core Curriculum

We know there's a lot that goes into making up Fractured Atlas. Because of this, there's a curriculum that helps guide new employees through all things Fractured Atlas such as understanding Fractured Atlas history, current programs, available benefits, and setting up your work computer. You’ll find out more information about Core Curriculum on your first day at Fractured Atlas.

We don't expect that you have all the answers on day one. Our big piece of advice for new employees is this: Start Slowly. Ask Questions. We've all been there and discovered that the keys to success are found in taking it slow (we know that's not easy in a company filled with passionate people), asking a lot of questions, and taking notes. 

Think of starting your work at Fractured Atlas like learning a new piece of music. If you learn and practice at a slow speed, when you crank up the tempo you won't hit wrong notes. 🎶