Fundraising for Artistss: The Ultimate Guide

Fractured Atlas Supports Artists

At Fractured Atlas, our mission is to support creatives and creative organizations. We help you get the resources you need in order to bring your creative vision to life. We want more art and more artists in the world! There are a number of ways that we support artists, from helping artists sort out visas to acting as a fiscal sponsor for artists to receive tax-deductible donations and other benefits. 

A huge part of supporting a creative practice is getting financial resources; fundraising. We know that fundraising can sound intimidating, but with this guide, we’ll give you the information you need to approach raising money confidently. We’ll share what fundraising is, what different kinds of fundraising are, tips to help you with everything from grant applications to crowdfunding campaigns, and some of the emotional challenges that come up for artists when money is concerned. 

We hope that this guide will help you be more successful in supporting your work. We’re rooting for you! 


How To Use This Guide

You can move through these sections in order, from "Fundraising Basics" all the way to "Fundraising Isn't the Goal," learning along the way. But if you have specific pieces of the puzzle you want to learn about, feel free to dive into whichever sections make the most sense for you. We recommend bookmarking this page somewhere so that whenever you have a question about something fundraising-related, you can refer to this guide.